Translate Android String.XML to Multiple Languages Automatically

Android XML Translate – Are you looking for a way to automatically translate Android’s String.XML into Multiple Languages? Look no further, We’ve developed Android XML Translate Excel Model using Google Sheets to help you translate Strings.xml files for free.

All you have to do is copy-paste all the XML code in a Google Sheet file which you can easily copy, for your personal use.

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How to Translate Sting.XML File To Many Languages

To Translate String.XML Android (Android XML Translate) to Many Languages ​​Automatically, it’s very easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the following link
  • Make a copy of the file by Go to File -> Make a Copy
Android XML Translate
  • After you make a copy of this tool, type the XML code in the first column starting from the fourth row.
Android XML Translate
  • You should edit only green background colored cells. If something breaks the model and can’t produce a translation, make another copy of this model.
  • Sheet will automatically translate up to 1000 strings. Use Ctrl+D to drag the formula down if you have more than 1000 strings to convert.
  • Use Ctrl+R to drag the formula across the column. This will be useful if you have more than 4 languages ​​to change.
    Sheet already provides support for Spanish ‘es’, German ‘de’, French ‘fr’, and Korean ‘ko’.
  • You can add a new language by adding the new language code in the third row of the column and simply copy-pasting the formula from any other column.
Android XML Translate

For those of you who make multi-language android applications, this tool will be very helpful. Android XML translate can also be used to translate xml strings from IOS.

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