Download Superfollow Shopee for Free

Download Shopee Superfollow – Shopee Superfollow is one of the tools that is widely used for Shopee account optimization purposes

Superfollow can be used to increase the retention of targeted and automated potential buyers

In addition to increasing your store sales, Superfollow Shopee can also increase your Store Followers quickly

In the following, I will share Shopee SuperFollow Tools for free, and are prohibited from being traded. Before that, let’s discuss what Super Follow Shopee is

What is Superfollow Shopee

Download SuperFollow Shopee
Super Follow Shopee

What is Shopee Superfollow ? Superfollow Shopee is a  very powerful chrome extension  to increase the number of your Shopee followers. This tool serves to do mass following and unfollowing in the Shopee marketplace  AUTOMATICALLY  and  TARGETED .

Everything is fully automated, you don’t need to click one by one to target something, such as following accounts, finding buyers for certain products, etc

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Shopee Superfollow Features

The following are some of the excellent features that Shopee’s Superfollow Tools have, as follows:

1. Follow Followers Shopee

This tool can peek at your competitors’ followers on Shopee, then follow them all with one click. You can also follow the followers of any store that is your target.

This feature makes it very easy to target potential following / followers with your store’s products.

2. Follow Buyers

With this Shopee SuperFollow, you can Follow everyone who has ever bought a product that fits your store’s niche. People who have bought certain products are usually more active in using Shopee, so they are more likely to buy your product.

3. Bulk Unfollow

Want your shop to look more professional? Unfollow everything you follow with just one click. You can Unfollow automatically & in bulk without being complicated one by one

How to install Superfollow Shopee

To install Superfollow Shopee, make sure you use the Google Chrome browser on your Laptop/Computer.

Because this tool is an extension that can only run on the Google Chrome browser, here’s how to install Shopee Superfollow:

  • First, download and extract the Superfollow Shopee file that I shared
  • Second, open Google Chrome , go to the More Tools menu then select Extensions
  • Third, Click the Load Unpacked button then navigate to the folder you extracted earlier
Cara Menginstall Superfollow Shopee
Cara Install Superfollow Shopee
  • After that, there will be an activation window, to find out your license, press the Activation button , then a license appears that can be used on your device,
  • Then, enter the email and license you got earlier
  • Finally, click the Activation button
  • Done, Superfollow is active
aktifasi superfollow shopee

How to use Shopee Superfollow

After you have successfully installed Superfollow Shopee, then I will describe how to use this Shopee Superfollow.

The method is very easy, open Shopee , then select any product, after that 4 buttons appear on the Shopee page

cara menggunakan superfollow shopee
cara menggunakan superfollow shopee

Get Followers, to see the followers of the store, you can also follow all the followers of the store automatically

Get Following, you can see followers from that store, you can also follow all followers from that store

Get Buyers button, with this button you can see who bought the product, and you can follow all buyers of that product

Lastly the SuperChat button , with this chat button you can send messages at once to Followers, Following, or to Buyers of the product

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Download Superfollow Shopee

Attention , to be able to use this tool correctly, it is expected to buy this Shopee Superfollow Original Product here . The products that I will share are only for learning purposes and not for sale .

For those of you who want to try these tools, please download via the following link download superfollow shopee for free

The author is not responsible for the use of these tools, all risks that occur are the responsibility of each.

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