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Download Elementor Pro Free – Elementor is a powerful WordPress plugin for website creation. This time I will share Elementor Pro Free for you

Elementor allows users to create and edit websites with responsive drag and drop features. Next, Elementor has two versions, namely a free and a paid version.

The free version of Elementor is free to use by anyone and can be downloaded via the add plugin menu on WordPress, but Elementor Pro or the paid version you can use by paying for it.

For the prices of Elementor Pro are very diverse, you can see the details of the price of Elementor Pro below:

harga elementor pro
Harga Elementor Pro

Elementor Uses and Functions

Before I share the download link for Elementor pro for free, let’s know the uses and functions of Elementor. The following functions of the elementor plugin as a whole:

Web Designer

The first function, Elementor is very widely used by web designers, for those who don’t know what a web designer is, a web designer or web designer is a profession run by people whose job is to design a website. The design can later be opened and enjoyed on a monitor screen either through a computer, cellphone, or tablet.

This plugin can make it easier to create professional websites quickly. The standout feature is the drag and drop feature that allows anyone to use this plugin


Second, this plugin is perfect for marketers in getting potential customers or customers interested in what they are selling. Mostly, marketers use this plugin for the purposes of making landing pages. What is a landing page? Landing Page is a page on a website that is specifically designed to be the first destination of visitors / visitors / potential customers. The goal, to attract the attention of visitors to see the products offered.


Third, this elementor plugin is often used by website developers, especially wordpress developers. The many functions of this elementor plugin make it easy for web developers to create websites that have functionality that is easy to use and easy to develop.

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Difference between Elementor Free and Elementor Pro

After knowing the uses and functions of Elementor above, now we will discuss the differences between Elementor Free and Elementor Pro

Elementor Free

The advantages of the free version of Elementor are indeed very limited, some basic features can be used by Elementor Free users. Here are the features of Elementor Free or free:

  1. Drag & Drop Editor Without Code
  2. Mobile Editing , 100% Responsive
  3. Landing Page Builder, Incl. Canvas Template
  4. The Fastest Theme On WordPress: Hello Theme

Elementor Pro (Paid)

The advantages of Elementor Pro or paid ones are many. Here are the features that you will get if you use Elementor Pro:

  1. 90+ Widgets
  2. 300+ Templates
  3. 10+ Full Website
  4. Template Kits
  5. Theme Builder and Form Builder
  6. WooCommerce Builder
  7. Popup Builder
  8. Includes free features
  9. And much more, see more here

Download Plugin Elementor Pro for Free v3.7.6

Next, I will share links to download the Elementor Free and Elementor Pro plugins. For the Elementor version that I will share is Elementor Pro v3.7.6.

Here is the download link for Free Elementor Pro:

  1. Elementor v3.7.7 download
  2. Elementor Pro v3.7.6 download

The license for the plugin above is GPL (General Public License), meaning that it can be used for learning purposes and is not for sale.

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How to Install Elementor Pro

Lastly, to install Elementor Pro, you also need to install the free Elementor. Here’s how to install elementor pro for free on your wordpress:

  1. First, download the Elementor Pro plugin that I shared above
  2. Second, go to your wordpress dashboard, and select the Plugins menu
  3. Third, select Add New to start uploading the plugin
cara install elementor pro
  • Fourth, select upload plugin, and choose file, then find the file you downloaded earlier
install elementor pro gratis
  • Finally, select Activate Plugin, and repeat the steps above to upload the other file

Once everything is installed, the next step is to try to create a new page in the Pages menu -> Add New. You will see the Add On Pro feature is active and ready to use


So many articles about Downloading the Latest Free Elementor Pro, hopefully what I share above will be useful for those of you who are looking for an elementor pro plugin for learning or other purposes. Take advantage of this plugin wisely, all forms of risk that may be caused by the plugin above are the responsibility of each. So much from me, thanks

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